Since 2002, MTN is the exclusive distributor of the paint
manufacturer Montana Colors of Spain for Germany and Austria.

In 1994 Montana Colors brought the Hardcore can to the market of spray paint, a high-pressure can with high-gloss paint, manufactured to the specific needs of graffiti writers.

Today, the main product groups of Montana Colors, besides Hardcore are Alien for airbrush-like works, Mega for large areas, Nitro 2G with extremely high opacity and since 2009, the low-pressure MTN 94 can, a matte synthetic resin varnish with excellent handling characteristics and a broad colour palette, which makes the can appealing for commissioned works and professional artists.

For wholesalers we do exclusively offer the well-known markers of Krink and On The Run.
Any suggestions for how we could extend our range will be gratefully received.

For more information about Montana Colors of Spain and what can be done with all our colours, please visit (the manufacturer's website) and with daily updates of images and film-footage from the world of the MTN family.

MTN 94

MTN 94

3,90 EUR

9,75 EUR / l
(incl. 19% Tax, excl. Shipping costs)
Payment methods | Guarantee
Shipping time within Germany: 2-3 working days
Colours available: 199
Container size: 400 ml
Cap included: Pocket Cap
Finish: Matt
Manufacturer: Montana Colors
Made in: Spain
Certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001

Montana Color's flagship spraycan. 199 matt colours, universal valve low to high pressure for your best control. Excellent synthetic paint, best cover on any surface (even on chromed colors) with all color range. Ultra fast drying.
Color Code Name
94RV-189 Ipanema Yellow
94RV-20 Party Yellow
94RV-109 Canarias Yellow
94RV-1021 Light Yellow Low
94RV-110 Yosemite Yellow
94RV-111 Babel Green
94RV-112 Mission Green
94RV-113 Dragon Green
94RV-114 Maya Green
94RV-192 Sundance
94RV-102 Dalai Orange
94RV-103 Plural Orange
94RV-50 Solar Orange
94RV-105 Tangerine
94RV-106 Lava Orange
94RV-2004 Orange
94RV-107 Mars Orange
94RV-108 Phoenix Orange
94RV-190 Malta White
94RV-1013 Bone White
94RV-135 Safari Brown
94RV-136 Inca Brown
94RV-137 Kraft
94RV-138 Marrakech
94RV-139 Sequoia Brown
94RV-140 Mole Brown
94RV-141 Gondola Brown
94RV-191 Jaima Brown
94RV-94 Dingo Brown
94RV-95 Tana Brown
94RV-96 Montserrat
94RV-97 Chiapas Brown
94RV-98 Bean Brown
94RV-99 Marron Glacé
94RV-100 Coffee Brown
94RV-35 Chocolate Brown
94RV-101 Ebony Brown
94RV-193 Chewing gum
94RV-115 Tutti Frutti
94RV-3017 Fever Red
94RV-116 Blood Red
94RV-3001 Vivid Red
94RV-47 Clandestine Red
94RV-3004 Bordeaux Red
94RV-3007 Cherokee Red
94RV-77 Night Red
94RV-194 Supernova Pink
94RV-164 Tokyo Pink
94RV-165 Orchid Pink
94RV-4003 Erika
94RV-4010 Magenta
94RV-166 Açaí Red
94RV-167 Rioja Red
94RV-168 Anger Red
94RV-169 Taurus Red
94RV-196 Saudade Pink
94RV-86 Boreal Pink
94RV-87 Stereo Pink
94RV-88 Single Pink
94RV-89 Compact Red
94RV-90 Bitacora Red
94RV-91 Pandora Red
94RV-92 Gaudí Red
94RV-93 Stendhal Red
94RV-197 Penelope Brown
94RV-176 Sensible Brown
94RV-203 Oak Brown
94RV-204 Interrail Brown
94RV-205 Warrior Brown
94RV-200 Plancton
94RV-64 Respect Pink
94RV-201 Scarlet Brown
94RV-202 Mosquito Brown
94RV-321 April Violet
94RV-195 Shiva Violet
94RV-322 Arlet Violet
94RV-170 Persia Violet
94RV-323 Mandala Violet
94RV-276 Bishop Violet
94RV-275 Raval Violet
94RV-283 Sultan Violet
94RV-274 Reverend Violet
94RV-310 Republic Violet
94RV-311 Woodstock Violet
94RV-171 Community Violet
94RV-172 Destiny Violet
94RV-173 Ultraviolet
94RV-174 Venus Violet
94RV-175 Electra Violet
94RV-28 Cosmos Violet
94RV-312 Sagan Blue
94RV-313 Martinez Blue
94RV-314 Rosemary Blue
94RV-315 Dancer Blue
94RV-316 Marseille Blue
94RV-317 Porto Blue
94RV-318 Ween
94RV-319 Tuareg Blue
94RV-320 Mantra Blue
94RV-27 Vampire Violet
94RV-184 Rain Blue
94RV-149 Hydra Blue
94RV-150 Argo Blue
94RV-151 Freedom Blue
94RV-152 Europe Blue
94RV-30 Electric Blue
94RV-5005 Dark Blue Low
94RV-154 Twister Blue
94RV-5013 Navy Blue
94RV-185 Angel Blue
94RV-156 Barceloneta Blue
94RV-157 Thalassa Blue
94RV-158 Perseus Blue
94RV-159 Odyssey Blue
94RV-160 Eureka Blue
94RV-161 Jase Blue
94RV-162 Deep Blue
94RV-163 Poseydon Blue
94RV-186 Virgin Green
94RV-142 Gemini Green
94RV-6027 Luminouse Green
94RV-144 Bali Green
94RV-145 Erasmus Green Low
94RV-5018 Turquoise
94RV-146 Glory Blue
94RV-147 Pegasus Blue
94RV-148 Hercules Blue
94RV-187 Vespa Green
94RV-124 Frisco Green
94RV-16 Pistachio Green
94RV-125 Neon Green
94RV-34 Guacamole Green
94RV-6018 Valley Green
94RV-126 Toscana Green
94RV-127 Era Green Low
94RV-6009 Amazonas Green
94RV-188 Shining Green
94RV-1016 Lemon Yellow
94RV-129 Oregano Green
94RV-60 Krypton Green
94RV-130 Euskadi Green
94RV-131 Comarca Green
94RV-132 Borneo Green
94RV-133 Dharma Green
94RV-134 Infinity Green
94RV-177 Eldorado
94RV-178 Tibet
94RV-8023 Mustard
94RV-199 Java Green
94RV-182 Emerald Green
94RV-183 Beryl Green
94RV-179 Bonsai Green
94RV-180 Thai Green Low
94RV-181 Labyrinth Green
94RV-267 Sulfur Yellow
94RV-266 Psycho Green
94RV-265 Sonar Green
94RV-281 Laser Green
94RV-282 Laos Green
94RV-280 Hulk Green
94RV-272 Mint Green
94RV-273 Iguana Green
94RV-271 Mystic Green
94RV-1017 Peach
94RV-1028 Medium Yellow
94RV-207 Mango
94RV-270 Formentera Blue
94RV-269 Genesis Blue
94RV-268 Tramontana Blue
94RV-278 Joker Pink
94RV-277 Disco Pink
94RV-279 Rosario Pink
94RV-3020 Light Red
94RV-241 Madrid Red
94RV-245 Cyan
94RV-243 Babylon Blue
94RV-198 Stardust Grey
94RV-7047 Siberian Grey Low
94RV-118 Rita Grey Low
94RV-7040 Pearl Grey
94RV-119 London Grey
94RV-120 Wolf Grey
94RV-121 Icarus Grey
94RV-7016 Anthracite Grey
94RV-78 Metropolis Grey
94RV-300 Tofu Grey
94RV-301 Placebo Grey
94RV-302 Koala Grey
94RV-303 Native Grey
94RV-304 Balboa Grey
94RV-305 Cloud Grey
94RV-306 Winter Grey
94RV-307 Jaws Grey
94RV-308 Whale Grey
94RV-309 Chernobyl Grey Low
94R-9011 Black
94R-9010 White
94-JS Jewel Silver
94-FG Frame Gold


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