Since 2002, MTN is the exclusive distributor of the paint
manufacturer Montana Colors of Spain for Germany and Austria.

In 1994 Montana Colors brought the Hardcore can to the market of spray paint, a high-pressure can with high-gloss paint, manufactured to the specific needs of graffiti writers.

Today, the main product groups of Montana Colors, besides Hardcore are Alien for airbrush-like works, Mega for large areas, Nitro 2G with extremely high opacity and since 2009, the low-pressure MTN 94 can, a matte synthetic resin varnish with excellent handling characteristics and a broad colour palette, which makes the can appealing for commissioned works and professional artists.

For wholesalers we do exclusively offer the well-known markers of Krink and On The Run.
Any suggestions for how we could extend our range will be gratefully received.

For more information about Montana Colors of Spain and what can be done with all our colours, please visit (the manufacturer's website) and with daily updates of images and film-footage from the world of the MTN family.



6,25 EUR

20,83 EUR / l
(incl. 19% Tax, excl. Shipping costs)
Payment methods | Guarantee
Shipping time within Germany: 2-3 working days
Colours available: 96
Container size: 300 ml
Cap included: Pocket Cap
Finish: Matt
Manufacturer: Montana Colors
Made in: Spain
Certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001

Spray paint formulated with water-soluble, low-odor resins of highest quality. Highly recommended for Fine Arts, Graffiti Art and many other professional jobs. Perfect for both, indoor- and outdoor work. Waterproof once dry.

Apart from the actual colour's name you will also find the name of a similar colour from a different Montana Colors series, the pigment code, CMYK and RGB codes, and the Pantone number on each can.

Suitable for use on all types of surfaces, including polystyrene. Fresh stains can be removed with just soap and water during the first 20 - 25 minutes.
Color Code Name
RV-9011 Carbon Black
RV-9010 Titanium White
RV-222 Cad. Yellow Light
RV-1021 Cad. Yellow Medium
RV-177 Azo Yellow Deep
RV-264 Yellow Ocre
RV-265 Raw Sienna
RV-102 Azo Orange Pale
RV-105 Azo Orange Light
RV-2004 Azo Orange
RV-209 Azo Orange Deep
RV-347 Azo Orange Dark
RV-322 Cad. Red Pale
RV-223 Cad. Red Light
RV-3020 Naphthol Red
RV-241 Napht. Red Deep
RV-3004 Carmine
RV-323 Quin. Rose Light
RV-211 Quin. Rose
RV-4010 Quin. Magenta
RV-213 Red Violet
RV-324 Red Violet Deep
RV-325 Blue Violet Pale
RV-224 Blue Violet Light
RV-225 Blue Violet
RV-167 Blue Violet Deep
RV-169 Blue Violet Dark
RV-321 Diox. Purple Pale
RV-214 Diox. Purple Light
RV-173 Diox. Purple
RV-174 Diox. Purple Deep
RV-28 Diox. Purple Dark
RV-326 Phthalo Blue Pale
RV-29 Phthalo Blue Light
RV-217 Cerulean Blue
RV-30 Prussian Blue
RV-154 Prussian Blue Deep
RV-327 Cobalt Blue Pale
RV-69 Cobalt Blue Light
RV-68 Cobalt Blue
RV-5002 Ultramarine Blue
RV-328 Ultram. Blue Deep
RV-336 Primary Blue Pale
RV-337 Primary Blue Light
RV-338 Primary Blue
RV-339 Primary Blue Deep
RV-340 Primary Blue Dark
RV-341 Blue Green Pale
RV-342 Blue Green Light
RV-343 Blue Green
RV-14 Blue Green Deep
RV-234 Blue Green Dark
RV-254 Phthalo Green Blue
RV-219 Turquoise Green
RV-220 Emerald Green Light
RV-21 Emerald Green
RV-221 Emerald Green Deep
RV-235 Bril. Yellow Green Light
RV-236 Bril. Yellow Green
RV-333 Bril. Yellow Green Medium
RV-334 Bril. Yellow Green Deep
RV-335 Bril. Yellow Green Dark
RV-124 Phthalo Green Light
RV-329 Phthalo Green
RV-34 Brill. Light Green
RV-6018 Brill. Green
RV-127 Brill. Green Deep
RV-344 Grey Green Pale
RV-345 Grey Green Light
RV-179 Grey Green
RV-131 Grey Green Deep
RV-346 Grey Green Dark
RV-1013 Titanium Light
RV-135 Naples Yellow
RV-330 Naples Yellow Deep
RV-137 Raw Umber
RV-139 Raw Umber Deep
RV-331 Warm Grey Pale
RV-302 Warm Grey Light
RV-303 Warm Grey Medium
RV-332 Warm Grey Deep
RV-266 Burnt Umber
RV-6 Neutral Grey Pale
RV-7047 Neutral Grey Light
RV-7040 Neutral Grey
RV-263 Neutral Grey Deep
RV-7016 Neutral Grey Dark
Fluorescent Yellow
Fluorescent Red
Fluorescent Fuchsia
Fluorescent Green
Fluorescent Blue
WB-SBL Semitransparent Black
WB-SWH Semitransparent White
Jewel Silver
Frame Gold



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