Since 2002, MTN is the exclusive distributor of the paint
manufacturer Montana Colors of Spain for Germany and Austria.

In 1994 Montana Colors brought the Hardcore can to the market of spray paint, a high-pressure can with high-gloss paint, manufactured to the specific needs of graffiti writers.

Today, the main product groups of Montana Colors, besides Hardcore are Alien for airbrush-like works, Mega for large areas, Nitro 2G with extremely high opacity and since 2009, the low-pressure MTN 94 can, a matte synthetic resin varnish with excellent handling characteristics and a broad colour palette, which makes the can appealing for commissioned works and professional artists.

For wholesalers we do exclusively offer the well-known markers of Krink and On The Run.
Any suggestions for how we could extend our range will be gratefully received.

For more information about Montana Colors of Spain and what can be done with all our colours, please visit (the manufacturer's website) and with daily updates of images and film-footage from the world of the MTN family.



4,95 EUR

8,25 EUR / l
(incl. 19% Tax, excl. Shipping costs)
Payment methods | Guarantee
Shipping time within Germany: 2-3 working days
Colours available: 20
Container size: 600 ml
Cap included: Pink Fat Cap
Finish: Glossy
Manufacturer: Montana Colors
Made in: Spain
Certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001

FASTER, BIGGER & STRONGER – Montana Colors has modified the formula, gaining a faster flow, thicker lines and better coverage than ever before. Additionally, they have extended the range to 15 of their brightest, most opaque colors.

A stable and uniform composition for a 600 ml, which permits the can to maintain constant pressure right to the end. Giving the Mega the ability to achieve wider lines with better coverage than ever before, thus fully optimising its performance.

The new formula also permits optimum functionality in even the most extreme weather conditions. Fully tested as low as -15°C and above +35°C.

- glossy paint
- superb in extreme weather conditions
- ultra fast drying times
- high coverage
- thicker, wider lines
- uniform lines from beginning to end

This way to MTN MEGA CHROME.
Color Code Name
R-9011 Black Low
R-9010 White N/A
RV-7040 Pearl Grey
RV-216 Anonymous Violet
RV-214 Violet
RV-225 Geisha Violet
RV-5005 Dark Blue
RV-30 Electric Blue N/A
RV-8 Light Blue Low
RV-8002 Toasted Brown
RV-5 Lutecia Green
RV-21 Surgical Green
RV-34 Guacamole Green
RV-219 Paris Green Low
RV-4010 Magenta Low
RV-211 Love Pink Low
RV-3004 Bordeaux Red
RV-3020 Light Red
RV-2003 Pastel Orange N/A
RV-1021 Light Yellow



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