Since 2002, MTN is the exclusive distributor of the paint
manufacturer Montana Colors of Spain for Germany and Austria.

In 1994 Montana Colors brought the Hardcore can to the market of spray paint, a high-pressure can with high-gloss paint, manufactured to the specific needs of graffiti writers.

Today, the main product groups of Montana Colors, besides Hardcore are Alien for airbrush-like works, Mega for large areas, Nitro 2G with extremely high opacity and since 2009, the low-pressure MTN 94 can, a matte synthetic resin varnish with excellent handling characteristics and a broad colour palette, which makes the can appealing for commissioned works and professional artists.

For wholesalers we do exclusively offer the well-known markers of Krink and On The Run.
Any suggestions for how we could extend our range will be gratefully received.

For more information about Montana Colors of Spain and what can be done with all our colours, please visit (the manufacturer's website) and with daily updates of images and film-footage from the world of the MTN family.



3,60 EUR

9,00 EUR / l
(incl. 19% Tax, excl. Shipping costs)
Payment methods | Guarantee
Shipping time within Germany: 2-3 working days
Colours available: 142
Container size: 400 ml
Cap included: Pocket Cap
Finish: Glossy
Manufacturer: Montana Colors
Made in: Spain
Certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001

Our new baby comes in an matt black outfit and with an embossed „Hardcore“-lettering – precious indeed! 400 ml hight pressure can. Perfect coverage, fast dry and gloss finish.
Color Code Name
HCRV-252 Unicorn Yellow
HCRV-222 Beach Yellow
HCRV-7 Cream
HCRV-20 Party Yellow Low
HCRV-1021 Light Yellow
HCRV-239 Luxor Yellow
HCRV-11 Ganges Yellow
HCRV-206 Atacama Yellow
HCRV-1017 Peach
HCRV-1028 Medium Yellow
HCRV-207 Mango Low
HCRV-8023 Mustard
HCRV-261 Pangea Brown
HCRV-18 Rust Red
HCRV-9 Apricot
HCRV-208 Pumpkin
HCRV-2003 Pastel Orange
HCRV-2004 Orange N/A
HCRV-209 Calcutta Orange
HCRV-210 Prometheus Orange
HCRV-260 Iroko Red
HCRV-259 Flamingo
HCRV-33 Colorado Red
HCRV-3020 Light Red
HCRV-3001 Vivid Red
HCRV-241 Madrid Red
HCRV-242 Soviet Red
HCRV-3004 Bordeaux Red
HCRV-348 Alice Pink
HCRV-258 Manga Pink
HCRV-211 Love Pink
HCRV-4003 Erika
HCRV-4010 Magenta Low
HCRV-212 Akari Red
HCRV-213 Merlot Red
HCRV-349 Treze Violet
HCRV-257 Princess Violet N/A
HCRV-224 Witch Violet
HCRV-225 Geisha Violet
HCRV-350 Pure Purple N/A
HCRV-226 Tube Violet
HCRV-4007 Cherry
HCRV-256 Malva
HCRV-214 Violet
HCRV-215 Prophet Violet N/A
HCRV-3 Blue Violet
HCRV-216 Anonymous Violet
HCRV-264 Galaxy Violet
HCRV-27 Vampire Violet
HCRV-73 Aurora Blue
HCRV-351 Hortensia Blue
HCRV-352 Gala blue
HCRV-353 Julione Blue
HCRV-243 Babylon Blue
HCRV-32 Lewis Blue
HCRV-354 Universe Blue
HCRV-74 Costa Brava Blue
HCRV-227 Waimea Blue
HCRV-228 Zeppelin Blue
HCRV-229 Andromeda Blue
HCRV-5002 Ultramarine Blue
HCRV-230 Leviatan Blue
HCRV-75 Nostromo Blue
HCRV-13 Himalayan Blue
HCRV-29 Arctic Blue
HCRV-8 Light Blue
HCRV-217 Avatar Blue N/A
HCRV-30 Electric Blue
HCRV-5005 Dark Blue Low
HCRV-218 Neptune Blue
HCRV-355 Fukushima Blue
HCRV-255 Patagonia Blue
HCRV-231 Cousteau Blue
HCRV-232 Glacier Blue
HCRV-14 Planet Blue
HCRV-233 Christiania Blue
HCRV-234 Indigo Blue
HCRV-356 Vintage Blue
HCRV-357 Iceberg Blue
HCRV-358 Nenufar Blue
HCRV-359 Mururoa Blue
HCRV-5021 Carribean Blue
HCRV-360 Major Blue
HCRV-5020 Ocean Blue
HCRV-361 Potosi Green
HCRV-254 Max Green
HCRV-219 Paris Green
HCRV-220 UFO Green
HCRV-21 Surgical Green Low
HCRV-6016 Dark Green
HCRV-221 Persephone Green
HCRV-24 Golden Green
HCRV-4 light Green
HCRV-34 Guacamole Green
HCRV-6018 Valley Green
HCRV-237 Cologno N. Green
HCRV-5 Lutecia Green
HCRV-6009 Amazonas Green
HCRV-235 Poison Green
HCRV-236 Mojito Green
HCRV-16 Pistachio Green
HCRV-362 Mantis Green
HCRV-272 Mint Green
HCRV-363 Natura Green
HCRV-364 Reggae Green
HCRV-6019 Pale Green
HCRV-253 Element Green
HCRV-15 Apple Green
HCRV-250 Rambo Green
HCRV-6013 Khaki Green
HCRV-6003 Olive Green
HCRV-251 Forest Green
HCRV-246 Druide Brown
HCRV-247 Tepuy Brown
HCRV-248 Baobab Brown
HCRV-249 Greyhound Brown
HCRV-8002 Toasted Brown
HCRV-8017 Tobacco Brown
HCRV-35 Chocolat Brown
HCRV-365 Puchineli White
HCRV-1013 Bone White
HCRV-55 Arkalis Grey
HCRV-57 City Grey
HCRV-42 Regina Grey
HCRV-40 Nazgul Grey
HCRV-39 Ripley Grey
HCRV-6 Light Grey
HCRV-366 Squatter Grey
HCRV-262 Matter Grey
HCRV-7040 Pearl Grey Low
HCRV-7031 Dark Grey Low
HCRV-263 Sputnik Grey
HCRV-7016 Anthracite Grey
HCR-9010 Divinity White
White Matt
White Satin Low
HCR-9011 Black
Black Matt N/A
Black Satin N/A
Chrome Silver N/A


Pflichtangabe: Gefahr! H222 Extrem entzündbares Aerosol. H229 Behälter steht unter Druck: Kann bei Erwärmung bersten. H373i Kann die Organe schädigen bei längerer oder wiederholter Exposition beim Einatmen. H319 Verursacht schwere Augenreizung. H315 Verursacht Hautreizungen. H336 Kann Schläfrigkeit und Benommenheit verursachen.